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For those who want to obtain portable gas analyzers for their business, Highmark Analytics is happy to provide a wide selection of portable analyzers for you to purchase. Our high-quality, advanced technology selection of portable analyzers makes us an industry favorite as a retailer with quality inventory you can trust.

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We also are glad to offer replacement sensors

Our top-notch Testo analyzers exceed industry standards with their advanced technological design and reliable construction that will give you peace of mind about meeting compliance standards across the industry. In terms of specific products, we are happy to currently or previously offer sophisticated, state-of-the-art models for purchase, such as Testo 350 Portable Emissions Analyzer, Testo 340 Portable Emissions Analyzer, and Testo 300 Combustion Analyzer with available configurations to meet whatever your testing needs.

Annual calibrations, regular maintenance, and in between troubleshooting for issues is a support that Highmark Analytics provides to all of our customers. We are glad to offer replacement sensors and parts for your portable analyzer unit, for all Testo gas combustion instruments. For those who are more inclined to rent a portable gas particle analyzer than purchase one permanently for their business, we also have rental units including the Testo 350 Rental Unit, M&C Chiller, Heated Sample Lines, Testo Thermal Imager Rental Unit, and more for your choosing.

If you want a simplified industrial combustion analyzer that features O2 and CO measurements with NOx capabilities, we have the Testo 300 LL – Industrial Combustion Analyzer with NOx, the Testo 300 LL – Industrial Combustion Analyzer with NOx & Printer, and the Testo 300 LL – Industrial Combustion Analyzer with LongLife Sensors. With different styles, offers, and other options for our customers, we put industry standards first.

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Whether you want a top-of-the-line portable analyzer to buy and keep in your business for as long as it lasts, or you would prefer to rent an analyzer to complete testing requirements on a short-term industrial job site, we can accommodate your needs. If you are in the market for a portable analyzer, don’t hesitate to call our office today at 973-300-0300 for a quote and more information on any of the products we carry!

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