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At Highmark Analytics, we sell and service industry tools for gas analysis. We offer many different products and services, including service, sales or rentals on gas combustion analyzers, flame detection, and CEMS. These products ensure compliance within industrial environments regulations.

No matter what your type of business, with on-site engines, boilers, burners, turbines, or other instruments, each will put off emissions, and a gas combustion or gas emissions detector can be a crucial tool for keeping your industrial property safe.

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Compliance and Safety in the Workplace

Compliance with EPA Regulations and Ensuring Facility Safety

Knowledge is not only power for business owners who own industrial workspaces, but it is also protection from unsafe conditions for you and your employees or contractors. The services offered by Highmark Analytics allow companies to have confidence in their equipment from new purchase to annual service and calibrations that they will receive accurate measurements for both compliance testing and troubleshooting combustion processing.

As anyone who owns a place susceptible to dangerous gas emissions will know, a gas combustion analyzer is an essential tool in the workplace for efficient and accurate testing. A gas combustion analyzer is created with the specific purpose of detecting the presence of certain compounds of gaseous elements. Frequently, these devices are employed throughout the specialized field of renewable resources. However, they can be used in any industry where dangerous gasses are a concern for the workers and employers powered by burners, boilers or furnaces which require contracting companies to assess and measure the gas concentrations within this equipment. Your contractors will come equipped with gas combustion analyzers, and may make recommendations for gas detection equipment.

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Fixed vs Portable Gas Analyzers

Highmark Analytics can help your company team assess the need for various types of gas analyzers. The fixed kind of analyzer stays in one place and analyzes the gas compounds in the air from its immobile station on a continuous system, or CEMS. The portable analyzers are able to travel with you between different areas of a workspace or different work locations as a whole. Gas combustion analyzers assess combustion systems for internal gases levels during processes. Probes take samples from various points in the system to draw to the sensors in the analyzer which read levels of gases for data analysis.

Analyzers for Engines, Boilers, Burners, Turbines, and More

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Gas particle detectors do what their name suggests. They detect circumstances such as high particle levels that exceed the recommended amount. Like gas combustion analyzers, they come in fixed or portable units. They usually have a probing mechanism combined with a sensor signal conversion circuit. The sensor detects the gas discovered by the probe, and the system lets users know when the gas levels elevate.

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No matter what kind of gas combustion analyzer you use, you can rest assured that whatever you are testing on is accurately evaluated, creating safer and healthier workplaces. Whether you need a portable gas combustion analyzer, or fixed Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems, we’ve got you covered at Highmark Analytics. Take a look at our products today to learn more.

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