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Gas Analyzer Service & Calibration

keep your analyzers running smoothly and accurately

At Highmark Analytics, we know how important it is to include gas analyzer service and gas analyzer calibration in your business’ routine to keep your analyzers running smoothly and accurately. We offer timely responses to requests for service and are able to connect your with a technician for troubleshooting in the field during testing.

When a gas analyzer lacks proper calibration, it could give the wrong information. This could make it overactive and underactive readings provide inaccurate details, and for compliance, accuracy is essential. Having confidence in your equipment ensures quality testing results.

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We are proud to offer

service on the following instruments and their accesories:

  • Testo gas combustion analyzers (Models 350, 340, 300, 330-1, 330-2, 350 XL)
  • ECOM Analyzers (Models JK2N, EN2-F, EN2, etc)
  • Horiba PG 300 series
  • Universal Analyzers
  • M&C Cooling System
  • Neptech

Having your instrument serviced and calibrated is straightforward. Call our office or send us an email at to get your unit serviced and calibrated, or ship to our company address below. Leave your business card with the machine so we can contact you easily if there are any concerns. After that, you can rest assured that we can get everything else handled in the process. After 2-3 days beyond when we have received the unit, we can offer you a detailed quote regarding the analyzer status.

Highmark Analytics
Attn: Service
14 Butler Road,
Hardwick, NJ 07825

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To contact us over the phone, call 973-300-0300. For fax, you can send faxes over to 973-909-7610. To email us for a quote or other reason, feel free to reach out to

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