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Flame Detectors

flame detectors are equipped to discover and respond effectively

Highmark Analytics is a global distributor of Honeywell Fire Sensory and Detection products. If you own a business with workplaces at risk of flame-causing gas particles, installing flame detectors in your workplace is a necessary step to keep your business and those who keep it running every day safe. Honeywell flame detectors and sensors of both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon are crucial pieces of equipment for many industry professionals.

Like any renewable resource industrial professional or another professional exposed to flame-causing particles, flame detectors are equipped to discover and respond effectively to the presence of a flame. When smokeless liquid or smoke is present in the air, a flame detector can also detect these issues.

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key benefits of flame detectors

Detection of Heat, Smoke, and Fire

If you have a boiler furnace, you almost certainly have been exposed to the key benefits of flame detectors whether you realize it or not. They receive information from the environment around them regarding smoke, fire, and heat in general. Additionally, they are able to detect fires using information from the movement of the air, and the temperature of the air. In boiler furnaces flame detectors are widely used, mostly a flame detector can detect heat, smoke, and fire.

Flame detectors are similar to the fire alarms installed in your home and other indoor areas. They serve a very similar purpose to regular commercial and residential fire alarms in that they detect the presence or possibility of an impending fire. Obviously, having a reliable flame detector that you can trust is important, especially if you work in an industry that is particularly prone to fires. When you can detect the presence of smoke or rising heat, you can prevent it from escalating into a full-blown fire.

CEMS, gas particle analyzers, and gas particle detectors

responsive, quick, and efficient

As a flame detector retailer specializing in CEMS, gas particle analyzers, and gas particle detectors, we offer flame detectors that double as gas detectors and analyzers. A popular model is the Honeywell Fire Sentry FS24X QuadBand Triple IR Flame Detector. The FS24X flame detector is able to not only detect the presence of heat, flames, and smoke, but also they can easily detect gas. What’s more, these products have the capacity to act as an integrated flame and gas detection system that is responsive, quick, and efficient at both of its roles.

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